Inside wires broadband

High Capacity 24GHz backbone

The need for bandwidth is always increasing we in the process of building a high capacity 24GHz backbone to compliment our lower frequency licensed backbone, this will give us a combined capacity of over 1Gbps into the Southern Gold Coast / Northern NSW region.

This capacity will enable us to deliver the next generation of broadband services.

Milton to OceanView and beyond

We have recently built a new transmission site in OceanView which is approximately 40Km north of the Brisbane CBD,  the site provides coverage for a majority of North Brisbane up to Caloundra in the Sunshine Coast.

The link is 340Mbps and was primarily built to service corporate clients, with the added bonus of extending Business & Residential coverage.

Wires Broadband Network Map

From time to time we like to publish our core network map, It’s useful for technically minded customers to plan network redundancy.

20160723 - Wires Networks - Core


Lots of Rain

According to Willy Weather for 58% of June has it’s been raining.

Great for Dam’s & Nature, not so good for our solar powered transmission sites.

This particular site has grown to over 250Watts of continuous consumption.

So after three days without sun the battery bank is looking a little depleated.

We have a small generator we use to boost the power levels, the only issue is the miniscule run time, so came up with a creative solution.

An extended range fuel tank !

Now we get 12-14 hours of continuous input, got to love the energy density of fossil fules.


NEC XPIC – 6GHz – 1Gbps

As the network grows we are always looking at ways to improve performance.

Our new site at Coorabell will become a major hub for bandwidth distribution to Ballina & Byron Shires, so we have installed an NEC iPassolink IX dual polarity radio link.

This system consists of a dual modem MDU and two separate frequency converters connected to an OMT coupler, bolted on the back of a dual polarised 1M 6GHz dish.

The link distance is 34Km and performance is a flawless 1Gbps.







Coorabell Site Rebuild

Wires has recently aquired some ex Linknet Transmission sites, this one in particular is in a prime location purched on top of a hill with amazing 360 degree views of Byron Shire.

The fundamental construction of the site is incredibility good, very well positioned, tall solid pole and some very well designed and build mounts on top.

Unfortunately the shipping create and small data room inside was beyond repair, so we towed in one of our mobile data center trailers, this will house the power systems and routing equipment.

This new site will form part of a major backbone upgrade we are working on.

The Fibre interconnect will be upgraded to 1000Mbps, then using state of the art cross polarity NEC iPassolink IX radios this Gigabit backbone will br extended throughout wire core network.


Shannon scaling the tower ready to pull a majority if the old equipment down.


The deconstruction begins.


Now a majoty of the old radios and cables are gone we can start the rebuild.

Licensed Backhaul for Pinehurst


As you can see by the photo above, this site has become quite busy, to avoid any potential interference and to guarantee reliability we have installed an NEC iPassolink IX 18GHz licensed radio.

This can perform at 500+ Mbit and because the spectrum is licensed we can guarantee no interference by other carriers.


VDSL2 30a Bonding

Lately we have been using alot of these single port VDSL bridges, generally in environments with Cat3 cabling or where the run is more than a few hundred meters.

We typically see 100Mbit / 100Mbit over 200-300 Meters, so figured why not try using two sets in parrallel see what’s possible with two pairs.

What do you know, 200M duplex… amazing , who said 30 year old copper was obsolete.