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Byron View Site Build

As customers requirements change we continue to develop our network capacity to cater for this increased demand for reliability, speed and coverage.

We have almost finished a major upgrade to our Byron Bay network, part of this is to establish a new transmission site at St Helena, this site will replace an existing site of ours lower down the hill.

The tower we are using is owned by Axicom and provides 360 degree views of the surrounding area.

As this tower is owned by a commercial operator we have an incentive to concerve apparatus space, we have employed some cleaver technology to achieve this.

First we use dual band antennas, operating in both 3GHz & 5GHz bands.

Then a device we had specifically designed and engineered called a multiplexer, this allows multiple radio transmitters to be connected to one physical antenna without interference.

In short we have five transmitters on a single antenna, vastly increasing the capacity and in turn available bandwidth to customers.

Here is a photo of our engineers installing the radiosonde the tower. 



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