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Byron View Site Build

As customers requirements change we continue to develop our network capacity to cater for this increased demand for reliability, speed and coverage. We have almost finished a major upgrade to our Byron Bay network, part of this is to establish a new transmission site at St Helena, this site will replace an existing site of […]

Stuck in the mud

It’s funny the batteries at our solar sites only seem to need replacing after periods of prolonged bad weather. This unfortunately means the driving conditions are less than perfect. This is the nineth straight say of rain and the track up to one of our sites was so wet it instantly turned to mud. We […]

Antenna alignment scope

We have been installing some high frequency radio links and proper alignment can be quite time consuming. So we built a tool to make the job easier, it’s basically a rifle scope attached to a right angle bracket.

Antenna Rack

We were accumulating quite a large pile of antennas, and game up with an efficient way to store them all.

Milton to OceanView and beyond

We have recently built a new transmission site in OceanView which is approximately 40Km north of the Brisbane CBD,  the site provides coverage for a majority of North Brisbane up to Caloundra in the Sunshine Coast. The link is 340Mbps and was primarily built to service corporate clients, with the added bonus of extending Business […]

Mt Cotton Build

New Quad sector array installation at Mt Cotton, we now have 30Km Radius coverage.

Wires Broadband Network Map

From time to time we like to publish our core network map, It’s useful for technically minded customers to plan network redundancy.  

Lots of Rain

According to Willy Weather for 58% of June has it’s been raining. Great for Dam’s & Nature, not so good for our solar powered transmission sites. This particular site has grown to over 250Watts of continuous consumption. So after three days without sun the battery bank is looking a little depleated. We have a small […]

NEC XPIC – 6GHz – 1Gbps

As the network grows we are always looking at ways to improve performance. Our new site at Coorabell will become a major hub for bandwidth distribution to Ballina & Byron Shires, so we have installed an NEC iPassolink IX dual polarity radio link. This system consists of a dual modem MDU and two separate frequency […]